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Engagement models designed for you

The service models we offer are uniquely designed to address your specific marketing needs. Each are structured to be flexible and adaptable to accommodate your changing business conditions. And, we purposely zero-in on what matters most to your business. Through our Virtual Marketing Department (VMD), Supplemental Expertise and Point Solutions engagement models, we can provide the right marketing solution for your business.

Virtual Marketing Department

Virtual Marketing Department

fully outsourced marketing model

Through an engagement model we call the Virtual Marketing Department (VMD), we take responsibility for executing and managing your marketing activities while you focus on your business. The prevailing objective is to drive revenue growth as we execute your marketing roadmap while steering clear of obstacles, danger zones and dead-end paths. You receive the expertise beyond that of a full-time equivalent (FTE) without the burden of carrying an FTE on your payroll.

Supplemental Expertise

Supplemental Expertise

to enhance and complement your existing resources

For companies who may have limited in-house marketing resources, The Marketing Beacon fills any existing gaps to round out the marketing function. This provides a way for a business to gain full marketing expertise by combining their resources with those from The Marketing Beacon. And, it allows collaboration to effectively manage the company’s marketing efforts to ensure the marketing roadmap stays on course to achieve the desired results.

Point Solutions

Point Solutions

for addressing specific marketing needs

When you are faced with a particular marketing challenge or special project, The Marketing Beacon offers solutions to specifically address these situations. Our approach is designed to dig deep to gain a full understanding of your needs so that we can formulate a solution that delivers the desired outcome of your marketing project. As a result, you will receive point solutions that align with your business goals.

We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your marketing challenges to determine which engagement model is right for your business. Contact us to schedule an introductory meeting.

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